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APTOS Thread Lifting and Rejuvenation Methods

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23 years ago, in 1996, APTOS® Thread Lifting and Rejuvenation Methods revolutionized aesthetic medicine. Products and methods developed by specialists of the company have gained worldwide recognition and are successfully used by specialists in 53 countries of the world. APTOS® is the most advanced technologies of thread lifting, reinforcement, modeling, and revitalization, allowing to create perfect contours of the face and body, slow the aging process, keep youth.

Indicative prices of the APTOS threads procedures:

Application areas:                                  

- eyebrows lifting

- eyebrow folds

- eyebrow wrinkles

- wrinkles on the forehead

- marionette line (“folds of sorrow”)

- nasolabial folds

- cheeks and mid-face area

- chin

- neck

- jawline (jowls)

- lips augmentation

- wrinkles over the upper lip

- decollete area

- inner thighs

- knees

- the inner surface of the shoulder

- the front wall of the abdomen


  1) Armoring (reinforcement) and lifting of the mid- and lower face  

      (Excellence Visage)

 2) Lifting the lower-face and elimination of jowls                                 

  3) Lifting the chin, eliminating the "double chin"                                  

  4) Elimination of eyebrow folds                                                           

  5) Elimination of wrinkles on the forehead                                          

  6) Elimination of wrinkles on the upper lips                                          

  7) Lifting eyebrows, upper eyelids                                                       

  8) Lifting of the corners of the mouth, accent of the cheeks area       

  9) Elimination of the marionette lines (“folds of sadness”)                   

10) Elimination of the folds of the abdomen                                         

11) Elimination of inner thigh wrinkles                                                   

12) Elimination of the folds of the inner surface of the shoulders         


When two or more areas are corrected during one session, the total cost is reduced due to saving time and consumables.

The necessary areas for correction and a final cost will be determined during a 15 min free examination, which is conducted by Professor of St.Sophia International Institute of Beauty and Health, International Certified Trainer of APTOS Thread Lifting Methods, Dr. Yuriy Titovets.

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