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AQUALYX Fat Loss Injectable Therapy

Aqualyx® liquefies the fat cell, destroying it permanently, releasing the lipids that are then eliminated naturally through the lymphatic system. Aqualysis™ can be used in conjunction with an ultrasound device to assist in the dissipation of Aqualyx® throughout the localised fat cells.


Subcutaneous Ozone Therapy for fat loss and cellulite

It’s the strongest weapon against cellulite that exists it dissolves even the thickest and strongest fat. The results are visible even after the first therapy.


This method includes subcutaneous injections with ozone gas applied on the problematic areas. Treats cellulite, breaks fat and tightens the skin. Depending on the problem extend, sessions vary from 6-15.


This treatment method for fat loss and cellulite has proven to be very successful in comparison with other famous clinical methods. 

Cellulite Shockwave.jpg

ShockWave Therapy

This innovative treatment helps the skin regain natural elasticity and firmness, improves body figure and helps for inches loss. It is highly recommended for cellulite reduction. 

Acoustic energy is delivered to the targeted area, which then creates heat and stimulates the breakdown of fat (which is metabolised by the body), lymphatic drainage and the formation of new collagen for improved skin tone and firmness. There is no real downtime associated with this treatment.


RF Technology / Fractional RF

This is a treatment that uses Radiofrequency waves that penetrate dermis and stimulate the body’s own elastin and collagen to be formed and released. It helps mainly to treat loose skin. It helps tighten the skin and helps diminish cellulite. It regenerates and offers a younger looking skin.

This treatment is ideal for people that are not ready to try the injection methods yet and for people that want to combine their injectable treatments. This treatment is performed twice a month for body treatments depending on the extent of the problem, usually from 8-12 sessions. Results last for 1.5-2 years.

carboxy body.jpg

ALIDYA Injectable Mesotherapy for Cellulite

Alidya is designed and approved for the treatment and prevention of cellulite. Runs a lot of important mechanisms in the tissues and improving their functionality and inhibiting the formation of cellulite.

Preparation triggers a lot of important mechanisms in the tissues of improving their functionality and inhibit the development and the formation of cellulite.

body mesotherapy.jpg


It’s a method of microinjections being inserted subcutaneously to treat different problems by combining different substances (cocktails). We can use cocktails for fat loss, cellulite improvement, firming cocktails and skin texture improvement. We can also use combinations of cocktails for improvement of scars or body marks.

HIFU Body.jpg

HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound)

HIFU technology uses ultrasound energy which penetrates very deeply and uniformly into the skin and underlying connective tissue resulting in a nonsurgical lifting and tightening of the skin. This high intensity Ultrasound creates small thermal coagulation points which sets off a response in which collagen is remodeled and new collagen is grown. This helps with the contour and tightness of the areas treated.



It is a method that helps to break down the fat layer and to improve lymph drainage and circulation in the problematic areas for faster fat loss and cellulite treatment.



This therapy doesn’t have any side effects and is suitable for all those who want a younger and healthier looking skin.  This non-surgical cosmetic treatment can be used to reduce the appearance of scars, cellulite and stretch marks.

This involves the injection of carbon dioxide gas. This is intended to jump-start circulation and increase the production of collagen, which can improve the look of the skin, kill fat cells, improve the skin's elasticity and reduce the appearance of cellulite.

It can be used to treat many parts of the body, stomach, legs and buttocks.



Cryolipolisis a new procedure that involves the non-invasive cooling of body fat to break down fat cells, resulting in a reduction of the unwanted body fat without damaging any other tissues. It can be considered to be an alternative to surgical liposuction. It is highly recommended for patients with small amounts of stubborn body fat that cannot be easily reduced by diet or exercise and is ideal for the abdomen, love handles and the back.

Lower Body

Diode Laser for fat loss & body reshaping

Low level diode lasers penetrate below the skin surface and stimulate the fat cell membranes, changing their permeability. The fat cells change shape and intracellular fat is released. The fatty triglycerides flow out of the disrupted cell membranes and into the interstitial space, where they gradually pass through the lymphatic drainage system. This process means that fat can be removed from targeted areas of the body such as the abdomen or thighs.



A method that helps improving lymph drainage all over the body. Also helps with better circulation, water balance and relieves pressure from swollen limbs. 

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